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While it can be quite difficult to navigate the changing landscape of COVID-19 testing and diagnosis, Clutch Diagnostics is leading the way. We provide individuals, groups, and businesses with innovative, world-class COVID-19 testing and reporting. 


the latest in accuracy

PCR Nasal Swab Test
The most effective

The COVID-19 PCR test uses a nasal swab to detect the presence of the underlying virus. Samples are collected in the comfort of your home and shipped to Labcorp for analysis. Learn more here.

Quick And Reliable

QUIDEL QiuckVue Antigen Test
The Fast and Simple

QUIDEL is a California-based leading manufacturer focused on improving the quality of healthcare around the world. The QUIDEL QuickVue antigen test has four components and is extremely easy to self-administer. QUIDEL recommends that this test is repeated between 24-36 hours after its initial administration. Learn more here.

in-office testing

Professionally Administered In-Office Molecular Testing
The accurate alternative

Clutch offers in-house testing using the latest technology from Abbott Laboratories. This Covid-19 test takes 15 minutes and is administered by a professional at the testing site. Results are printed and automatically reported to the Department of Public Health on your behalf. Learn more here.