• Commercial Plans

    You are paying too much for your pharmacy benefits. And, it’s hurting your employees. Pharmacy benefits have long been a profit center for insurance companies, making them unaffordable and inaccessible for most employers.

    Can you answer these questions:

    • What rebates are you getting today?  What % is your insurance company getting?
    • How much influence do you have in designing your drug plan?
    • Is your insurance company hiding your pharmacy costs?
    • What insight do you have in your pharmacy activity?



We bring a new approach to commercial plans in all industries, with a special passion for helping one of the most important employer segments: self-insured employers.

Our comprehensive network and big box pricing power allow us to bring the highest quality meds to your employees while dramatically reducing their out-of-pocket spending.

  • Our Network

    Our network includes over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, allowing the best pricing on all prescription meds.

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  • Lower Costs

    In addition to our AGGRESSIVE PRICING structure your employees also get our CLUTCH MOBILE APP. This allows them to receive their prescriptions electronically and shop for the lowest cost option.

    MAIL ORDER and SPECIALTY PHARMACY options are a great way to maximize convenience and lower costs.

    PAYMENT PROCESSING: We use cutting edge “smart contract” technology to ensure accuracy and security, which lowers administrative costs.

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  • Plan Options

    For further cost control you can take advantage of our customizable plan options:

    DEDUCTIBLE: If you chose to have a deductible for your employees you can customize the deductible amount at no additional cost to the plan

    CO-INSURANCE: If you choose a deductible you also have the option to offer co-insurance. This allows you to cover a percentage of the cost for your employee after they met their deductible

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