• Just What The Doctor Ordered

    Consumers are spending more than necessary on prescription medications. Clutch brings lower pharmacy costs to employers and consumers alike, empowering you to make smarter and more cost-effective decisions about prescription medications.

    No surprises, no hidden fees, just transparency and savings.


Competitive Pricing and Easy Access

We design our plans to maximize pharmacy savings – with Clutch you can get the pricing power of large corporations.  Our network includes over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, allowing the best pricing on all prescription meds.


  • We spend an incredible amount of money on meds:

    • Prescription drugs is a $400 billion industry in the US

    • People spent $17 billion on Rx without using healthcare insurance in 2017

  • People are looking to have more control over where they get their meds and how much they pay:

    • 43% of adults with health insurance struggle to afford their high deductible plan

    • Patients spent $58 billion in out-of-pocket costs for medicines in 2017

    • Over 90% of prescriptions today are filled electronically






Not all meds are created equal. That’s right, you might be paying a premium for mediocre. The thing is, we, the people, don’t have this info at hand. And because we’re always in a pinch, we don’t dig for it.


Clutch Health allows you to quickly compare the price and quality of your prescriptions from almost any pharmacy in the US and Puerto Rico. More than a discount pharmacy card, Clutch empowers you or your employees to decide how much you’re going to pay, based on information you never had before.


Clutch is here, right when you need us.

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